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Family Law

Going through the process of the break-up of a relationship through separation and/ or divorce can be a traumatic experience and there are many complicated issues to be discussed, worked through and resolved.

Family law issues have become more complex over the years and there is now a significant volume of legislation dealing with the issues involved. Legislation now also covers same sex relationship and cohabitation.

Fidelma Barry solicitor offers comprehensive advice and assistance in identifying the legal rights and entitlements of those who are married, parties within same sex relationships and those who are co-habiting.

She will offer clear guidance and advice and adopt a constructive and practical approach to help parties either experiencing difficulties or simply seeking clarification as to their position.

From the start she will map out a course of action for your case and she will explain all the steps involved.

Our aim is firstly to try to achieve resolution using our skill and experience in negotiating. We adopt a non-confrontational approach and seek to quickly and actively engage with the other party’s advisers.

Where agreement is not possible then we aim to guide and represent our client’s best interests through any court processes which become necessary.

We can help you with the following :

Separation Agreements
Judicial Separation
Inheritance & Pensions rights and entitlements
Property transfers and sale
Hague Convention Issues
Property transfers and sale
Cohabitation issues including property rights

If we can help you in relation to any aspect of the above please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a divorce lawyer near me?

Fidelma Barry Solicitor provide a divorce lawyer and family law solicitor service to private clients in Kildare, Dublin, Laois and throughout Ireland. Get in touch with our office in Kildare by phone or email to share your specific requirements.

How much does it cost to hire a divorce lawyer?

The price of hiring a divorce lawyer depends on a number of factors. Get in touch with Fidelma Barry Solicitor today for a free quote on our family law and divorce lawyer solicitor services.

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